The Lord of the Flies Original Score

by Laura Platt

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Original Score for the RGS production of the Lord of the Flies.


released February 18, 2013

Music written by Laura Platt
Album art by David Swann



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Laura Platt UK

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Track Name: Pl511 & Petra Volkhausen - Lord of the Flies - Wiegenlied (Lullaby)
Liebes Kindlein, gib fein acht
So schwach das Herz, so schwarz die Nacht
(Dear little child, be cautious
So weak the heart, so black the night)

Sag, wo ist deine Seel' geblieben?
Hast sie dem Beelzebub verschrieben?
(Say, where did your soul end up?
Have you dedicated it to Beelzebub?)

Mein liebes Kindlein, gib fein acht
Verlor'n bist du -- nun gute Nacht
(My dear little child, be cautious
Lost you are - now good night)

Leg dich, Kindlein, nun zur Ruh'
Schließe fest die Äuglein zu
(Lie down, little child, and rest
Close your small eyes tightly)

Hast dein Selbst alsbald vergessen,
Und bist vom Blutrausch ganz besessen
(Soon you have forgotten your self
And you are now quite obsessed with bloodlust)

Doch fängst die Bestie nimmermehr
Jagst deinem Schatten hinterher
(But nevermore you will catch the beast
Runs after your shadow)

Oh, liebes Kindlein, gib fein acht
Verdammt bist du -- nun gute Nacht
(Oh, dear little child, be cautious
Condemned you are - now good night)

Grad erst in die Welt geboren
Ist die Unschuld schon verloren
(Just born into this world
Innocence is already lost)